Message From Managing Trustee

Dr. Satish R. Kapileshwarkar is a general surgeon by profession. He is really excited about this institution in providing quality education in the city which is his birth place. Though he is not involved in the day to day administration of the school, he provides valuable inputs about improving the infrastructure and safety standards of the school. He thinks that this institution should be a benchmark for others to follow and should be mission, more than a business…..







Message From Principal

I, Mrs. Mamta S. Kapileshwarkar have been born, brought up and educated in N.Karnataka from where i did my masters in physical chemistry and B.Ed from Annamalai University. After my marriage, i relocated to Gujarat and was lucky to be associated with St. Xavier’s School, Jamnagar as a chemistry teacher of Std. XI and Std. XII. In 1991,  the idea of starting a preprimary school in our premises, was born. The Open Space in our premises and the lack of outdoor activity for our children in their nursery days , provided the impetus for me to have a playground. As the nursery developed I had various new ideas with the blessings of shri sai samarth like having a menu circular, a compliance card for parents, various measures to enhance safety and hygiene in the school and multiple activities like celebrations, pool day, picnic and competitons to develop a well rounded personality in every child.
Today,after the silver jubilee of sai play school and nursery, when i see various past students of this nursery excelling in their chosen fields, i feel proud and satisfied like a mother about her off spring. After retiring from St. Xavier’s School in the year 2014, i am serving as a principal of sai play school and nursery. It is my endeavour that the institution scales bigger heights, providing satisfaction to parents and a bright future to our wards.